Menstrual Disorders Age 45 Years?

Illustration of Menstrual Disorders Age 45 Years?
Illustration: Menstrual Disorders Age 45 Years?

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Complaints of menstrual cycle disorders in women who are more than 40 years old are generally caused by perimenopause, which is the period of transition from fertility to menopause. As for symptoms that may arise irregular menstrual cycles (can be fast or slow, the number becomes large or even a little), changes in emotions and moods, sleep disturbances, sudden warm sensations on the face, chest, or neck, decreased sexual desire, and decreased cholesterol levels in the blood. Basically, perimenopause is a natural phenomenon experienced by women of childbearing age as they enter old age.

However, it does not rule out that the disturbance is caused by other things such as

The occurrence of weight gain or even a drastic weight loss. Consuming drugs such as birth control pills, chemotherapy drugs, antidepressant drugs, etc. Hyperthyroid or Hypothyroid psychological stress
ACA syndrome (anticardiopilin antibody) or better known as antiphospolipid syndrome (APS), is a condition of the body's immune system (immune) to go wrong and eventually make the blood clot and clot easily. So it could be that the complaints experienced by your mother are related to her ACA condition.

To be able to ascertain exactly what your mother is experiencing, the doctor needs to conduct an assessment first, namely by conducting a focused interview to find out the clinical symptoms that your mother feels and also her medical history, and conduct a medical examination. From this information will be the basis for the doctor to determine the medical condition (diagnosis) and the appropriate treatment plan or medical procedure.

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