Menstrual Patterns Exceed Normal Cycles And Lots Of Blood Volume?

Illustration of Menstrual Patterns Exceed Normal Cycles And Lots Of Blood Volume?
Illustration: Menstrual Patterns Exceed Normal Cycles And Lots Of Blood Volume?

, I want to ask. This month my menstruation exceeds the normal cycle, which exceeds the 35 cycle. Physically I have changes in body shape, especially the face that looks fat, bloated stomach, vague sometimes feels nauseous, often feel tired, especially the legs, the breasts sometimes feel tight n pain, the level of hunger is increasing but when you eat your mouth feels asrep again. In February I menstruated on the 18th, while in January on the 22nd. thank god my period is smooth every month. But this month just exceeded the normal cycle. And this morning I checked it turned out that there were red spots, more and more rich menstruation. Please enlighten me like that, why?

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Hello Nisa, thanks for asking.

Menstruation normally occurs for 2-7 days with a cycle every 21-35 days with an average of 28 days. A change in the pattern of menstruation indicates a disruption in the reproductive organs. Changes can be in the form of menstrual blood that is more than usual, menstrual pain that is excessive than usual, or menstruation is late or even stopped.

Menstruation that lasts more than 7 days (extends) or menstrual blood volume more than usual is called menorrhagia. This situation can occur due to several causes including:

 Pelvic inflammatory disease Endometriosis The presence of polyps in the uterus Cancer of the uterus Blood clotting disorders The use of certain contraceptives To find out the exact cause of course must be examined by a doctor in the form of physical examination and certain additional examinations such as blood tests, ultrasound, and so on. Immediately see a doctor if unusual bleeding occurs or menstrual periods that are more than 7 days.

For now things you can do:

 Consumption of healthy and nutritious food Avoid cigarettes and alcohol Regular exercise Enough rest Keep hygiene during menstruation occurs If you really have to see a doctor in the current outbreak of COVID-19, wear a mask if you have symptoms of respiratory tract disorders and avoid using public transportation. After that it is advisable to stay at home and avoid traveling and the crowd. Perform social distancing and maintain health with a healthy and clean lifestyle.

That's all, hope it helps.

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