Menstrual Smoothing And Medicine?

Illustration of Menstrual Smoothing And Medicine?
Illustration: Menstrual Smoothing And Medicine?

whether these drugs have an effect when taken with Kiranti / em capsules

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Hello almira,

Thank you for the question.

Kiranti and Em capsules are both herbal products that are widely used by the community to overcome menstrual disorders, such as menstruation that is not smooth or disruptive menstrual pain. Meanwhile, the drugs you mentioned have various functions, such as relieving allergic rhinitis (Rhinos containing pseudoephedrine and loratadin), overcoming bacterial infections (Maxcef containing cefadroxyl), overcoming fever and pain (Sanmol which contains paracetamol), as well as supplemental bacterial infections increase stamina and endurance (Fituno).

So far, there have been no studies specifically testing the potential interactions between herbal products and the drugs you mentioned. Therefore, if not with a doctor's prescription, you should take it carelessly at the same time, especially at the same time. If indeed you have problems with menstruation, it is better to prioritize natural treatment methods, such as with plenty of rest, warm compresses to painful areas during menstruation, exercise every day, multiply relaxation and meditation, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, and don't take medicine at random or herbs other than those prescribed by the doctor.

With the above efforts, mild menstrual disorders will often improve. You are advised to postpone seeing a doctor if there is no emergency. However, if menstruation appears abnormal and does not improve in a long time with the above efforts, do not hesitate to check with your doctor or obstetrician.

I hope this helps.

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