Menstruation 2 Months Late Accompanied By Flu Symptoms?

Illustration of Menstruation 2 Months Late Accompanied By Flu Symptoms?
Illustration: Menstruation 2 Months Late Accompanied By Flu Symptoms?

I want to ask, I’m 2 months late for menstruation, and I experience nausea, headaches, fever, flu, but I haven’t had a blood test, I have been given a general practitioner given the flu and vitamins, please explain.

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 We understand the concerns that you feel
 Pregnancy is a dream for every couple. Pregnancy can occur if the eggs produced during fertility are fertilized by sperm cells.
 Pregnancy can be identified by symptoms that appear and confirmed by investigations such as ultrasound.

When the pregnancy is already underway, the pregnancy hormone or the hormone HcG (human corionic gonadotropin) begins to move. That's when the symptoms of early pregnancy will appear.
 Here are some signs of early pregnancy, among others:

 No menstruation Breasts become more sensitive Brownish cramps under the stomach Nausea and vomiting Hip pain Sensitive to smell Changes in mood Some of the early pregnancy signs above are uncertain signs, so not all women will feel these symptoms.

While definite signs of pregnancy include:

 Visible fetal pouch in the uterus Fetal heart rate can be seen There is fetal movement in the uterus. These definite signs of pregnancy can be identified when an ultrasound examination is performed.

Regarding your complaint, pregnancy cannot be known if a simple examination has not been done with a testpack and is confirmed by ultrasound.
 The symptoms you feel can be caused by a virus infection that causes flu or it can also be an early sign of pregnancy. Early symptoms of viral infections often make the body uncomfortable and seeing also makes doubt when menstruation does not come. Therefore, to be sure, do a simple inspection with a testpack.
 If the results are positive, immediately carry out further checks to the obstetrician to assess whether the pouch of pregnancy has formed or not.
 Taking drugs in early pregnancy is very risky to disrupt fetal development, especially in weeks 3 to 8 gestational age at which time the process of embryo formation of organs is underway. Therefore, knowing early pregnancy can help prevent interference with fetal development.
 But you do not need to worry, consult further with your nearest doctor about the drugs consumed
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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