Menstruation 2 Months Late, Accompanied By Frequent Headaches, Nausea Whether Pregnant?

Illustration of Menstruation 2 Months Late, Accompanied By Frequent Headaches, Nausea Whether Pregnant?
Illustration: Menstruation 2 Months Late, Accompanied By Frequent Headaches, Nausea Whether Pregnant?

, my friend has 2 months late menstruation, frequent headaches, tight pants, and nausea. Is that a sign that she’s pregnant? if not, what’s the solution so that she can menstruate quickly? she does not want to have children, she has tried eating pineapple, durian and drinking sprites but until now she hasn’t menstruated either. it is said that the fruit and drinks can make menstruation fast because it can give birth to the womb.

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Various symptoms that your colleague experienced could indeed indicate pregnancy, but may or may not. In addition to being pregnant, late menstruation can also occur because of hormonal conditions that are not balanced, ovarian cysts, the influence of drugs, fatigue, stress, weight changes that are too drastic, excessive exercise, and so on. Meanwhile, headaches, obesity (which is characterized by tight pants), and nausea may also indicate dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), viral or bacterial infections, psychosomatic disorders, and so on.

This condition, you should never worry too much. Try to take your colleague to see him directly to the doctor to be sure, is it true that she is pregnant, or not. Usually, to detect pregnancy, your doctor will direct your colleague to undergo a urine testpack, blood test, or maybe an ultrasound to a gynecologist. If it turns out he is not pregnant, of course the doctor will give him the right treatment in accordance with the cause of his complaint. However, if it is true that she is pregnant, of course different handling steps can be given by the doctor.

Pregnancy occurs because of fertilized eggs by sperm cells. Naturally, fertilization is only possible if there is sexual relations. If your partner has sexual relations on the basis of being willing, of course the consequences, he must also be willing to bear the risks of sexual relations, including one if there is a pregnancy. It is an act that is not commendable if he tries to end the pregnancy without proper medical reasons (to have an abortion), in any way it is. If he does this, he will be threatened with criminal penalties which are not minor. Therefore, as a wise adult, think carefully before acting.

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