Menstruation 2 Times A Month?

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I experienced 2x menses initially on 11. December and then menses on 27 December, I am confused about how to calculate the next month’s menses, what date,rnPlease help

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Hi Zha Amqi Nour. To calculate the date of your next period, you can make an estimate based on your previous menstrual cycle. If your menstruation is regular, it will be easier to judge when your next period will be. In general, irregular menstruation where the cycle is shorter (<21 days), longer (>35 days), shorter duration (<3 days) or long duration (>7 days), can be caused by:

1. . Unhealthy lifestyles such as limiting excessive food intake, physical fatigue and lack of rest

2. Psychological stress

3. Hormonal imbalance, especially if you have just experienced the early years of menstruation such as the first 1-3 years

4. Presence of certain clinical conditions such as pelvic inflammation, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis

5. Pregnancy

6. Contraceptive use

Consult your doctor about the condition you are experiencing, especially if this continues in subsequent cycles. What you can do is

1. Manage stress

2. Consumption of balanced nutritional foods and increase the consumption of water

3. get enough rest

4. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

5. Exercise regularly

Here's about irregular menstruation. Hopefully helpful, and thank you. Regards, Dr Alyssa

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