Menstruation 2 Times A Month But The Testpack Results Are Faint?

Illustration of Menstruation 2 Times A Month But The Testpack Results Are Faint?
Illustration: Menstruation 2 Times A Month But The Testpack Results Are Faint?

Hay. I think Augustine wants to ask, I just got married for about 2 months, when I got married on the 6th of July I had my period, finished my period on July 12th and after that on July 21st, I was still menstruating in the same month, on the date 28 I finished, why did my period feel irregular after marrying 2x a month, then when I entered August y on the 01 I had my menstruation again finished my period on 08 in August too, there was an interval for 15 days I came back in months, on the 23rd August to finish on September 5, I have already checked twice and the results of y appear 2 red lines but 1 is a bit faint, and 1 is clear I test again after 1 week is still faint red 1 and one y red is clear what it is pregnant or not ?? r nAnd after 21 days on the 24th day yesterday I came back for a month until today I am confused about what is it, I haven’t been to the nearest doctor because in my opinion, yes yes, it’s pregnant, of course waiting big but after my menstruation this month, i am confused what mksd y, i guess if you can know what it is y mksd y I am confused. And I don’t know, I’m a little scared. That’s all I want to ask, thank you doctor😊

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Hi Reka,

Thank you for asking

Normally, menstruation will occur every 21 to 35 days. The distance between menstruation that is shortened as you experience it can still be a natural thing due to hormonal imbalances. Usually, this condition is influenced by stress, both physical and psychological, for example when you are tired from activities, doing strenuous exercise, feeling sad, anxious, happy, afraid, or excessive panic. Indirectly, this condition can also be related to your activities and mood after marriage, but not directly related to marriage.

Apart from being a result of stress, it could also be that menstrual patterns become more frequent due to unhealthy diet, side effects of taking certain drugs, side effects of using certain contraceptives, to a disease, either originating from the reproductive organs, or from other organ systems affects the balance of reproductive hormones.

If your complaint occurs only occasionally, this condition is generally not dangerous. However, if the complaints recur very often, you should remain vigilant and have them checked directly to a doctor or obstetrician. Some types of diseases to watch out for can trigger your complaint are:

Endometriosis Uterine polyps Pelvic inflammation Myoma Irritation or infection of reproductive organs, etc. Through comprehensive diagnostic steps, including involving blood tests, ultrasound, pap smears, etc. (if needed), your doctor can usually give you the best treatment. This check can also be done to confirm the results of your questionable testpack. So, if you are pregnant, this pregnancy can be detected early.

In the meantime, you can first do the following:

Keep your intimate organs clean Do not have risky sex Do adequate foreplay before penetration during sexual intercourse so that there is no injury or irritation to your intimate organs. Do not take drugs or use family planning carelessly, without a previous doctor's examination. Avoid stress. Get plenty of exercise, including jogging , aerobic exercise, cycling, yoga, floor exercise, lifting weights, etc. Live a healthy diet, contain lots of antioxidants, including vegetables, fruit, whole grains No smoking.

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