Illustration of Menstruation
Illustration: Menstruation

Morning, I am PMS again, but I happen to have a fever and want to drink YOU C1000. Previously, when I was PMS Day 1, the pain was excessive. So I had to take medicine to ease the pain. Because if I don’t take medicine, I can’t do my usual activities. I have tried various kinds of drugs and none of them work, but since I tried taking MEFINAL medicine, the pain was reduced directly on Day 1. The story may be a little yes, I have been fainting since junior high school VIII started PMS and Day 1, it continued until the day my graduation. Now I am in the world of work, and now it is improving (not fainting again on Day 1). I checked with the doctor if there was a problem because I often fainted. But thank God it’s negative. My question is better where do I take the MEFINAL medicine or YOU C1000?

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Hi Rizka,

Severe menstrual pain is also called dysmenorrhea. This condition generally occurs due to uterine muscle contractions that cause interruption of cervical blood flow which results in a decrease in oxygen supply so that the body produces chemicals that trigger pain.

Although menstrual pain is a common condition that occurs before or around the menstrual period, persistent or very severe pain can be triggered by certain medical conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids or cervical stenosis. If the complaint is persistent or very severe then I strongly recommend that you see a female reproductive health specialist (obstetric gynecology) so that further examinations such as abdominal ultrasound can be performed.

Mefinal is a trademark of medicine with mefenamic acid content and you C 1000 is a supplement brand with vitamin C. I will not discuss a particular brand but I will discuss the treatment of dysmenorrhea. Here are some things you can do in dysmenorrhea:

Apply gentle massage to the painful area or lower abdomen
Warm compresses on the part that feels painful, compresses can be done with a bottle of warm water
Use patches or over-the-counter pain medications (green label, not red label / hard drug)
Enough rest
See a doctor if complaints persist or worsen

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May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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