Illustration of Menstruation?
Illustration: Menstruation?

Hello, I’m currently out like menstruation, it’s been almost a week, but not like blood, which comes out of brown liquid and the blood comes out a little, even though the last menstruation two weeks ago ,, when the last menstruation yesterday also came out like chocolate “Just before my period, I didn’t feel anything strange in my body. Thanks

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Hello Denis Nurhami,

The normal menstrual cycle is 21-35 days. Menstrual cycles that are more than 21 days old, such as the case of you who had just menstruated 2 weeks ago and have menstruated again now, are called polymenorrhea which are included in abnormal uterine bleeding. As a result a person can menstruate> 1 time in 1 month, a close menstrual cycle also makes it difficult for someone to predict when ovulation will occur, potentially affecting the chances of getting pregnant.

Some causes of polymenorrhea include:

 Endometriosis Sexually transmitted infections Pelvic inflammatory disease Pituitary gland hyperactivity that causes more frequent ovulation Malignancy in the reproductive organs Stress Irregular menstruation is usually normal in women who have menstruated for the first time in their lives, menstrual cycles will usually be more regular after 1 year.

Menstrual blood color varies from pink, bright red, brownish, to blackish red. Brownish menstrual blood color is usually found towards the end of menstruation or when spotting occurs (intermenstrual bleeding / vaginal bleeding between menstrual cycles). Brownish menstrual colors without any symptoms (without menstrual disorders) is normal, but if accompanied by the following symptoms you should check with your doctor directly.

 Menstrual periods longer than 7 days Menstrual cycle <21 days or> 35 days Bleeding between menstrual cycles Vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse (which always occurs) Pain in the vagina or lower abdomen Fever and excessive tiredness That is my explanation, hopefully useful.

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