Menstruation Advanced And Only 3 Days?

Illustration of Menstruation Advanced And Only 3 Days?
Illustration: Menstruation Advanced And Only 3 Days?

I want to ask, my menstruation progressed to 1 day and on the first day of my menstruation my stomach hurt and my menstrual blood was a lot, then on the second day I was still sick and started not much, and on the third day I even had stomach pain but I didn’t get too sick like the first day and the second but on the 3rd day of my period I even had a little brown spots, is that normal? Or am I having a disease? nThank you

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Thank you for asking I am dr. Princess Claudya will help answer your questions.

Menstruation normally appears once every 21-35 days, with an average of 28 days. Usually women have the same menstrual interval every month, for example the cycle is 28 days, then the following months of menstruation will also come per 28 days. However, if the cycle sometimes goes forward or backward but is still within the 21-35 day range as mentioned above, then it is still a normal thing. For the duration of menstruation, the normal is 3-7 days. Meanwhile, the normal menstrual volume is in the range of 20 to 60 milliliters per day, or about 2 to 3 times changing pads.

Based on your complaints, your menstruation that progresses by 1 day can be classified as normal if it is still in the 21-35 day range, as mentioned above. Menstruation that occurs for 3 days is still a normal thing because it is still in the range of 3-7 days.

Whereas if it is outside the normal menstrual range in terms of cycle, duration, and volume, it can indicate menstrual disorders which can be caused by the following conditions:

Stress: this condition can trigger a hormonal imbalance, which can lead to menstrual disorders. If the stressor is gone, menstruation is likely to return to normal as the hormonal conditions in the body improve
Physical fatigue: just like stress, physical fatigue can also cause hormonal imbalance
A strict or excessive diet
Diseases of female organs, such as ovarian cysts, myoma, PCOS, anatomical abnormalities of female organs
Use of hormonal contraceptives: menstrual disorders are one of the side effects of hormonal birth control
Perimenopause: is a condition before menopause that occurs at the age of 40-50s. Usually accompanied by a body feeling hot, mood changes, pain during sexual intercourse, etc.
Pregnancy, marked by the cessation of menstruation during pregnancy

If you feel anxious about your condition, you can confirm your condition by further consulting with your obstetrician. The doctor will further explore your complaint and will conduct an examination of your reproductive organs. If necessary, the doctor will carry out supporting examinations in the form of blood tests, ultrasound, or female hormone levels. After that, the doctor will provide treatment for your complaint according to the underlying conditions, if there is a menstrual disorder.

Things you can do to avoid menstrual disorders are:

Good stress management by relaxing and doing hobbies that you enjoy doing
Regular exercise 3-5 times a week. Exercise can help reduce stress by producing endorphine hormones and can support good blood circulation and proper hormonal function
Eat regular nutritious foods and adequate calories according to your body's needs. Avoid diets that are too strict as this can lead to hormonal imbalances
Get enough fluids by consuming about 2 liters of water per day
Get enough rest, sleep 7-8 hours per day

That is the explanation from me. Hope it helps and useful :)


dr. Princess Claudya

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