Menstruation After 1 Month Of Birth Control Injection. Should I Repeat Birth Control Injections?

Evening .. I am nur hasanah, age 25 years old, I injected family planning for 1 month right after my menstruation immediately after menstruation .. Do you have to re-inject it after menstruation? R nBut after the injection I drank coconut water mixed with milk and palm sugar … has no effect on injection drugs ??

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Hello Noer,

In general, contraceptive injections are carried out during menstruation, because in addition to ensuring that you are not pregnant, they also keep hormones at optimal levels during sexual intercourse in order to prevent pregnancy Even so, it can be done at any time as long as in the first 7 days you should not have sexual intercourse or use a condom as additional protection.

If after the birth control injection you have your period and your period is indeed your schedule, that's fine and you don't need to repeat it. Coconut water, milk and palm sugar do not affect your birth control injection. If you are still worried or confused, you can consult your doctor again or go back to the health facility where you did family planning.

Side effects of injectable birth control include menstrual disorders, dizziness, nausea, swelling, or spots outside of menstruation. If there are complaints, you can consult a doctor. Not everyone is suitable and can use one particular type of birth control. If you feel uncomfortable, you can consult to change your contraceptive method.

You can read more about contraceptives at: Contraceptives


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