Menstruation After KB Injection?

Illustration of Menstruation After KB Injection?
Illustration: Menstruation After KB Injection?

I once used a 3-month injection and experienced a period of about half my month. The consul was then given a vit injection by taking Bladstop medicine to stop mens 6 months then I mens but only black patch 2x in 1 month. it stopped working again until now the menstrual cycle hasn’t stopped but the blood is not coming out too much. Is that normal from the influence of the disease or disease.? Oh yeah right when I get the injection at that time I was menstruating … Please answer.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at There are many kinds of contraception. Broadly speaking, can be divided between those who use hormones, and those who do not use hormones. Examples of contraceptives that use hormones are birth control pills, birth control injections, implants / implants, and some IUDs.

These methods, because they work by putting hormones into the body, will automatically disrupt the female hormonal balance. The problem besides fertility, which is influenced by hormones in a woman's body is also the menstrual cycle, weight, skin, and feelings. That is why it is actually natural for women who use hormonal contraception, to find side effects such as weight gain, dry or acne prone skin, mood swings, and irregular menstruation.

So in your case, if you only see from one side that you have a history of using birth control injections, then your menstrual irregularities are most likely normal. But to determine this, it must also be ensured that you do not have other disorders such as cysts, the growth of uterine tissue outside the uterus, or other conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you see your condition with your obstetrician. Because even though it is indeed caused by birth control injections and is also normal, if you have started to feel weak, dizzy, not powered and so forth because of continuous blood coming out, it means you are not suitable with this method of contraception and should replace it with another.

Meanwhile, what is important for you is to maintain your endurance by regularly consuming nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables and fruit, maintaining ideal body weight, avoiding cigarette smoke, adequate rest, and regular exercise. So, hopefully answering your question.

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