Menstruation After Several Times Of Intercourse?

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Illustration: Menstruation After Several Times Of Intercourse? Bing

Hello,. I want to ask about menstruation that occurs after sex.nMy partner and I since last March had sex several times until the beginning of April. But about a week after we last had sex, I had my period. My partner penetrates during sex. nIs the menstruation an indication that one of us is barren? Or did fertilization fail? Is failure natural?nThank you.

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Thanks for the question. A woman will experience pregnancy if fertilization occurs, namely the meeting of a sperm with a woman's egg. The fertilization process is not an easy process. In order for the fertilization process to occur, intercourse must be carried out during the fertile period because that is when the mature egg is released into the fallopian tube or what is known as ovulation. If at the time of ovulation, sexual intercourse occurs followed by the ejaculation of sperm into the uterus, then the sperm can rise to the fallopian tube and fertilize this egg. The egg will then develop and move to the uterus, attach to the uterine wall, and the pregnancy process begins. If not fertilized, this egg will die and menstruation will occur.

If you are menstruating, you may not have intercourse during your fertile period or there may be a problem with your ovulation or the quality of your partner's sperm. The occurrence of menstruation after intercourse is normal if fertilization does not occur or fertilization has not been successful. The occurrence of menstruation has not been able to conclude that one of you is experiencing infertility or infertility. Further examination is needed to state that a person has fertility problems.

Please try to find out when your fertile period is by reading the following article: How to calculate your fertile period

If you have had intercourse several times during your fertile period for several months but you are not pregnant, please consult an obstetrician and gynecologist for further examination and treatment.

Hope this information is useful.

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