Menstruation Again After 10 Days Are Over?

Illustration of Menstruation Again After 10 Days Are Over?
Illustration: Menstruation Again After 10 Days Are Over?

I haven’t had a long period for 11 days at the start of my period, it wasn’t immediately like a normal person when I first had red blood but what I experienced was like a dark brown spot, but a lot like people menstruating as usual. then I menstruated again in a gap of only 10 days from yesterday. even though previously I had my period for 11 days. but I don’t feel dizzy or anything. is that normal?

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Thank you for asking I am dr. Princess Claudya will help answer your questions.

The normal menstrual cycle is every 21-35 days, with an average of 28 days. Everyone generally experiences the same interval every month.

Meanwhile, the length of menstruation is generally 3-7 days.

Your condition that does not meet the range of menstrual intervals or length of menstruation as mentioned above, indicates the possibility of menstrual disorders.

Disorders of your shortened menstrual cycle (menstruation more frequently) and the length of your experience can be caused by:

Stress: this condition can trigger hormonal imbalances, which can have an impact on menstrual disorders. If the stressor has disappeared, menstruation is likely to return to regularity as the hormonal conditions in the body improve. Physical fatigue: just like stress, physical fatigue can also result in hormonal imbalance. Improper nutrition, for example eating too much food containing high estrogen soybeans) or vice versa, namely excessive diet. Diseases in the uterus that cause bleeding, for example pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine wall tumors, vaginal tumors, cervical cancer. In this condition, the bleeding that occurs may be mistaken for menstruation. Grape pregnancy (hydatid mole): one of the symptoms is bleeding from the birth canal, after excessive vomiting and a rapidly enlarging uterus. Effects of hormonal birth control Perimenopause is a condition before menopause that occurs in the 40-50s. In this condition, you can find the menstrual cycle that is shortened or lengthened. Usually accompanied by a body feeling hot, mood changes, pain during sexual intercourse, etc. To determine the cause of your complaint, you should further consult with your obstetrician. The doctor will further explore your complaint and will conduct an examination of your reproductive organs. If necessary, the doctor will carry out supporting examinations in the form of blood tests, ultrasound, or female hormone levels. After that, the doctor will provide treatment for your complaint according to the underlying condition.

Things you can do to treat menstrual disorders are:

Good stress management with relaxation and doing a hobby that you enjoy doing Regular exercise 3-5 times a week. Exercise can help reduce stress by producing endorphine hormones and can support good blood circulation. Eat regular nutritious foods and adequate calories according to your body's needs. Avoid a diet that is too strict because it can cause hormonal imbalance, also avoid eating too many chicken pieces which usually undergo hormone injections for growth. me, hope it helps and useful :)


dr. Princess Claudya

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