Menstruation Changes Cycles As You Get Older?

Illustration of Menstruation Changes Cycles As You Get Older?
Illustration: Menstruation Changes Cycles As You Get Older?

Hello doctor, I’m a 28-year-old woman, married. Want to ask about my changing menstrual cycle … When I was in junior high through high school my menstruation was very smooth. Never been sick at all from the beginning until resolved, every month there are no problems, on the first day let alone the second, heavy blood flow, a lot, red blood, which is a little out with a steady amount of blood. Not up / down. Maybe because while I was in school I had to walk a lot, because of the cost of transportation hehe … But, since I went to college, before getting married. I noticed my menstruation was not like it used to be. Starting from each menstruation the blood that came out was a little cm although still blood red, like just 2-3 cm tablespoon came out. For a long time, my stomach began to ache, cramps, pain until I could not lie down and take Feminax once a tablet, this was only for the first day … after taking the medication 2-3 hours later the pain disappeared, and I could move again. But , the 2nd day was not so swift as before. Day 3, even like it’s 4-5 days … cm comes out a little. Did not gradually run out as regularly as before. Having menstruation … a few days later following the ‘rest’, for 3 days I came out with lots of brown spots. It’s just stopped … though this doesn’t always happen. Even though my menstrual schedule is 50% on time. But the rest are often not, sometimes late, sometimes too fast. I work freelance at home that doesn’t move much, because I work at a computer. Before and after marriage too, this still continues to this day … it’s about 4-5 yrs like this. In the past, it was never like that. My question is, Is it because of age / stress / lack of exercise.etc? Or is there something wrong with my womb? Or is it just a normal process for my age? What do I have to do to get the cycle back to normal, like I went to school? Thank you in advance.

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Hello, thanks for the question.

Changes in the menstrual cycle can be caused by several things, namely:

1. Stress: mindset, heart, feelings, to various problems that ultimately make a person stressful can change the work and production of hormones in the body which ultimately makes the menstrual cycle irregular

2. Changes in hormones in the body due to interference with organs producing hormones such as hormones produced by eggs, or abnormalities in uterine organs such as the presence of myom, cysts, etc.

3. Physical activity (exercise): regular exercise will increase the production of hormones that help launch menstruation. when exercise is rarely done, even hormones will be reduced in production and cause changes in the menstrual cycle

4. Diet: foods such as high fat, cholesterol and so on will contribute to the work and formation of hormones, so the need for consumption of sufficient fat so that the hormones in the body can work normally and do not change the menstrual cycle

To ensure the presence or absence of abnormalities with internal organs such as the uterus and so on, you should do a direct examination to an obstetrician. Several examinations will be carried out such as ultrasound and laboratory blood tests if needed.

Prevention to help restore the normal cycle again:

-controlling thoughts and feelings to be calm and avoid stress

-exercise at least 3 times a week 30 minutes each

- consume healthy and nutritious food, increase consumption of vegetables and fruit

Thus, hopefully useful :)

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