Menstruation Comes Early?

Good night doc. Sorry, I came the month early, what is menstruation, what is the sign of pregnancy? I was only married for 1 month, and I didn’t.

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First of all, you should first explain, exactly when the first day of your last menstruation? Bleeding from the vagina between menstrual cycles can be caused by several possibilities, including:

ovulation bleeding (usually occurs during ovulation, i.e. 2 weeks before the estimated next menstruation)
implantation bleeding when pregnancy occurs (usually occurs approximately a week after conception / sexual relations which results in pregnancy, or approximately a week before the estimated next menstruation)
miscarriage when pregnancy occurs
menstruation that does happen faster
post-sexual bleeding
side effects of certain drugs that interfere with hormonal conditions
infection of the reproductive organs
tumor or cancer

You should do a pregnancy test with a test pack around the time of your next estimated menstruation. Do a urine check first in the morning so that the results are more accurate, and also make sure you read and follow carefully how to use the test pack to avoid reading the results wrong. If the result is positive, then you are indeed pregnant and your current bleeding is likely to be implantation bleeding. If the results are negative, you can do a checkup 3-7 days after you haven't got your period. If the results remain negative, then the bleeding you are experiencing right now may indeed only be due to ovulation bleeding or faster menstruation. You can also do an examination directly to the obstetrician if you want to make sure.

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