Menstruation Comes With Brown Spots Accompanied By Vaginal Discharge?

Illustration of Menstruation Comes With Brown Spots Accompanied By Vaginal Discharge?
Illustration: Menstruation Comes With Brown Spots Accompanied By Vaginal Discharge?

Good afternoon .. I want to ask, yesterday the 13th day of my period, but no blood came out on 14 u0026amp; 15 brown spots come out .. I think maybe I want to menstruate but on the next day until 3hri in the future there will be no blood at all, only vaginal discharge a month … the moon before it is indeed late … A 2-day brownish spots appear, a day without spots and blood. the next day it bled .. What I want to ask is still my menstruation normal? Because before my menstrual cycle before marriage it was normal 28 days, but after marriage my menstrual cycle became elongated … And this month only brown spots were said to be menstruation or not? Thank you …

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Hello Nur Fatimah.

Generally there are some women who produce brown spots before the discharge of menstrual blood, and it is still in the normal category. The normal menstrual cycle is 25-35 days, but an average of 28 days. If your cycle is still within that range, it can be said to be normal, but if it exceeds 35 days, it says late menstruation.

Based on complaints that you feel could be caused by strenuous activity, stress, body weight is not ideal, hormonal changes or hormonal disorders, the use of certain drugs or the presence of certain medical conditions.

For leucorrhoea itself, it is necessary to find out whether it is smelly or itchy, because if it is smelly or itchy, it can be caused by a fungal or bacterial infection. However, if vaginal discharge does not cause symptoms then vaginal discharge is normal.

But to ensure the complaints that you feel, my advice should be to do a direct examination with the doctor, yes, later the doctor will conduct a medical interview and some appropriate examinations, if needed the doctor will provide treatment therapy that is suitable for you.

Here are some things you can do at home

 Avoid strenuous activities Avoid stress Routine exercise Expand fruit and vegetables Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol Avoid eating fast food Maintain ideal body weight Maintain vaginal hygiene Wash the vagina from front to back Avoid using too tight pants Avoid using any type of vaginal cleansing soap If there are symptoms such as no menstruation for 3 consecutive months, vaginal discharge smells or itching, or complaints do not improve my advice should immediately move to the nearest doctor.

Thank you, hopefully useful.

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