Menstruation Does Not Come?

Illustration of Menstruation Does Not Come?
Illustration: Menstruation Does Not Come?

Good morning, on May 24, my sister consulted a doctor due to having a bloody chapter. The doctor was diagnosed with hemorrhoid symptoms and was given the drugs SOTATIC, ETAFLOX and 3 more drugs wrapped in clear plastic. After consuming the drug, my sister claimed that she had not experienced menstruation yet, the cycle is usually at 24-27 per month. We have also come back to the doctor and stated there is no connection with the drug he gave with this condition but we are not satisfied with his answer. Please enlighten us from the team. Thank you Trrima before.

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Menstrual cycle is related to hormone regulation in the body. The hormones estrogen and progesterone are hormones that function to regulate a woman's menstrual cycle and when undergoing pregnancy. Normally the menstrual cycle occurs between 28 to 35 days. Whether or not the menstrual cycle is affected is influenced by various factors, including hormonal fluctuations, food consumed, physical / psychological stress experienced, fatigue, activities undertaken, excess body weight, effects of using contraceptive pills, drugs consumed, polycystic ovary syndrome and various other factors.

Medicines taken by your younger sibling, such as Sotatic, contain the active ingredient metoclopramide and etaflox which contain ciprofloxacin type antibiotics. Metoclopramide works to treat nausea and vomiting due to stomach disorders, post-surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Metoclopramide side effects generally can occur symptoms of headaches, digestive disorders, stomach discomfort, anxiety, galactorrhea. Menstrual disorders can be one of the side effects that occur even though these events are quite rare.
While some types of antibiotics can affect the menstrual cycle by suppressing the production of estrogen causing ovulation to disrupt and have an impact on the delay of the menstrual cycle. Antibiotics must be used to avoid the risk of bacterial resistance which will have a detrimental effect.
You do not need to worry, usually this will take place temporarily and after the use of the drug is finished the hormonal fluctuations will return to normal. When it comes to menstruation, of course this is quite varied for each woman. Don't worry if your sister's menstrual cycle is reversing right now. It can also be influenced by psychological conditions and stress due to digestive disorders that cause bloody bowel that is being felt. So there is no need to feel anxious in following a series of therapies for treatment of your sister's digestive complaints.

Women's menstrual cycles can sometimes go forward or backward from the previous schedule. Generally, if the time span of the change occurs between 3-7 days is still considered normal because of hormonal fluctuations in the body that can change at any time. Menstruation will not always come definitively on the same date. But the more important thing to know is the length of your menstrual cycle.

If the menstrual cycle slows down for more than 2 weeks and over a period of more than 3 months (3 consecutive cycles) and other disturbing complaints, we recommend checking directly to the obstetrician for a thorough evaluation. Ultrasound examination can help assess the reproductive tract picture and abnormalities that may occur.
To maintain the health of the reproductive organs and improve the menstrual cycle, the following steps can be taken:

Perform a healthy lifestyle
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Avoid stress and fatigue
Avoid strenuous activities
Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
Inadequate water needs
Regular exercise
Take medicines as prescribed by a doctor
Avoid obesity u

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