Menstruation Doesn’t Stop After Taking KB Injections?

Illustration of Menstruation Doesn’t Stop After Taking KB Injections?
Illustration: Menstruation Doesn’t Stop After Taking KB Injections? Bing

ok..i’m 33 years old goddess..i have menstrual problems i’m about 4-5 months now my period won’t the beginning i took off the injection KB which (3 months ×) from the first time i took the birth control i went to 8 months just got my period..menstruation first a lot and it’s still normal for 2 months.. now my period is 3 months, menstruation is not normal anymore.. can count menstruation in 1 month, it’s clean from menstruation, only 5 days, the remaining 25 days are continuous menstruation.. I’ve checked with the midwife, she said it’s not it’s not a regular menstrual cycle..but until now her period still doesn’t that the reason why?

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Judging from the story, the mother experienced prolonged menstruation after not having menstruation for a long time after taking the 3 month injection of KB. During these 4-5 months you have had long periods of almost 25 days and only not menstruated for 5 days. From this mother's story, the menstruation that the mother experienced can be said to be Menorrhagia, which is a condition in which a person experiences prolonged menstruation and/or excessive menstruation. This situation can be caused by several conditions, one of which is the effect of previous use of family planning or hormonal disorders. Other conditions that can cause this condition are:

Endometrial polyps
Ovarian cyst
Pelvic inflammation

PCOS which causes hormonal disturbances in women
Blood clotting disorders
Cervical cancer
and others

Some of the circumstances above are things that can cause a situation similar to that of a natural mother. Starting from ordinary circumstances such as the effects of previous family planning to serious conditions. Considering the situation you have experienced for more than 3 months. It is highly recommended that you consult a gynecologist for an examination. The doctor will ask a question and answer session about your complaint, perform a physical examination about your condition. If needed, the doctor will perform additional examinations such as laboratory tests, abdominal ultrasound examinations and others. Treatment will be given according to the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. Some suggestions for you in the meantime are:

Consumption of foods that contain a lot of Fe such as vegetables, liver, milk, eggs and vegetables.
Drink enough water
Take supplements to increase blood
Enough rest

Hope it helps and is useful

dr. Uswatun

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