Menstruation Is A Bit Strange?

Illustration of Menstruation Is A Bit Strange?
Illustration: Menstruation Is A Bit Strange?

Hello, good night. I am a 23-year-old woman, married. This is the story. Last month I menstruated, the first day immediately came out a lot of menstrual blood. But it’s a bit strange / not like usual. Apart from the blood that comes out, there is mucus like blood and tiny little clots that come out, and that’s quite a lot. My menstrual period is 7 days clean along with the spots. But last month only 4 days of blood came out, until the 6th day there were no spots, but when I checked using a finger there was still / dirty in the vv. Then this month to be exact on the 13th of my menstruation on the first day of blood that came out quite a lot, accompanied by stomach and waist pain, and the blood that came out was the same as last month. Blood, mucus and many small lumps like that. The previous month was not like menstrual blood. The question is, is it normal menstrual blood or a miscarriage without me knowing that I am pregnant? Previously I have not tested because last month I menstruated on the 17th. And if it is a miscarriage I immediately immediately control to the obstetrician. Please answer yes. Thank you in advance.

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Menstruation is the process of decaying the uterine lining that comes out with blood through the vagina due to non-fertilization of the egg by sperm. Normally menstruation occurs every 21-35 days, for 3-7 days with an average blood volume of around 30-70 milliliters. If outside of these limits, it can already be categorized as menstrual disorders.

Clotting blood that comes out during menstruation is a common thing experienced by women, and need not worry too much. An abnormal condition of blood that clots during menstruation, which is when blood clots appear larger and often appear, or do not go away. Especially if you have to replace two hours or less, because it can be caused by several diseases such as hormonal imbalance, myoma, endometriosis, adenomyosis, miscarriage, and cancer.

Miscarriage is the cessation of pregnancy by itself while still young (before the age of pregnancy reaches 20 weeks). Miscarriage can be characterized by bleeding from the vagina, as well as pain or cramps in the abdomen and lower back. If this lasts a long time and interferes with your activities, I suggest you consult a specialist obstetrics and gynecologist, so that a thorough examination can be done, such as questions and answers, vital signs examination, abdominal physical examination, and supporting examinations if necessary, such as test packs, routine blood labs, and ultrasound, so that treatment can be given according to your diagnosis.

The things that you can currently do are:

Do a test pack

Avoid stress
Eat foods rich in iron, and folic acid
Enough rest

Such information that I can provide, hopefully can help you.

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