Menstruation Is Late And Irregular?

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amualaikum, I’m siti marfuah lately 4 months in a row “my period is irregular like only red spots on the liver but only a little occasionally comes out for only 3 days. I happen to often take drugs such as blood pressure drugs and paracetamol drugs. Guess why I’m afraid why why thank you

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Hi Siti Marfuah,

Menstruation normally occurs every 21-35 days and lasts for 3-7 days, and the average blood volume is 2-4 full pads (or about 40 milliliters) per day. The conditions you experience where your period is often late, your menstrual cycle is irregular, and your menstrual blood volume is low can have various causes, such as:

Stress or fatigue Significant weight loss or gain Obesity Poor nutritional pattern Unbalanced hormonal factors Contraceptive use Polycystic ovary syndrome/PCOS Thyroid hormone disorders
Irregular menstruation is not always a dangerous condition. However, if the complaints continue to recur, or if menstruation gets slower or even stops, then you should consult this with your obstetrician so that you can find out the cause. If necessary, supporting tests such as ultrasound or blood tests can be recommended by the doctor to trace the cause, so that the appropriate treatment can be given to you according to the underlying condition.

Here are suggestions for what you can do:

Get enough rest and limit strenuous activity Consume nutritious foods Minimize stress Avoid strict diets that can lead to drastic weight loss Maintain ideal body weight
The following articles contain related information:

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So hopefully useful.

dr. Muliani Sukiman

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