Menstruation Is Not Smooth At The Age Of 20 Years

Hello, I want to ask about my menstruation which is not smooth. I am 20 years old and not married. Every time I get my period it’s not smooth every month. Sometimes 3 months before you can menstruate again. sometimes 2 months, even when I was in high school 5 months I just got my period back. I once had a chance to see a doctor and the doctor said that it was okay because it was just a matter of hormones. But still I’m worried. How is this related?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Irregular menstruation can occur due to various things, both because of temporary causes, or because of certain diseases. Among the possibilities are:

Overweight or underweight
Body weight goes up and down too dramatically
Smoking both active and passive
Exhaustion or too much activity
Lack of sleep
Stress or mental stress
Currently in a diet program
Consume too much oily and fatty food
Sports are too extreme
Using hormonal contraception
Thyroid hormone disorders
Female hormonal disorders

So as you can see, various factors in daily life can be a trigger for your irregular menstruation. So you try to evaluate your daily life, whether any of these factors are likely to trigger your menstrual irregularities. If there is, improve your lifestyle by avoiding cigarettes, maintaining ideal body weight, avoiding consumption of fast food and fatty foods, regular exercise, adequate rest and managing stress well.

But if it turns out that after improving lifestyle, the irregularity still continues, check with the obstetrician, this time go to the obstetrician at another hospital to get a second opinion. If the second obstetrician says the same thing that this is no problem, ask what you need to consume or do to restore your menstrual cycle. If after administration the drug does not improve, then return for evaluation. Convey your concerns and if necessary ask for a supporting examination such as ultrasound to ensure there are no structural abnormalities in your body. This is important because a direct examination must be carried out in order to find out the best diagnosis and treatment. So, hopefully answering your question.

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