Menstruation Is Not Smooth With A History Of Cyst Patients?

Illustration of Menstruation Is Not Smooth With A History Of Cyst Patients?
Illustration: Menstruation Is Not Smooth With A History Of Cyst Patients?

, 6 months after giving birth I menstruate and a lot. On the first day to the third day I can hang pads 5 to 6 times and it’s full. Now my child is 16 months old and my menses suddenly are not as much as usual even just dark brown. I have a history of gartner cysts and last month it just relapsed but it can rupture. Do you think it has an effect? Thank you for your answer.

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Abonormal Uterine Bleeding (PUA) is vaginal bleeding outside the menstrual cycle. Accompanying symptoms can include heavy menstrual bleeding, bleeding for more than seven days, blood clots or large lumps, breast feeling soft and sensitive, and soah.

There are several medical conditions that often cause PUA, namely:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Uterine polyps
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
Taking birth control pills

Gartner cyst is a type of vaginal cyst that is located on the side wall of the vagina. Until now there has not been found the onset of menstrual disorders that are motivated by the presence of gartner cysts. I suggest that you consult directly with a specialist obstetrics and gynecologist, so that a thorough examination can be done, such as question and answer, physical examination such as anemia examination, thyroid examination, breast examination, abdominal examination, internal pelvic examination, and supporting examinations such as routine laboratory blood, blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid hormones, routine urine, cyst biopsy and ultrasound so that treatment can be given according to your diagnosis.

As for the things you can do right now are:

Avoid stress
Exercise regularly and get enough rest
Eat foods with balanced nutrition
Treating underlying diseases, such as thyroid disease, and diabetes
Maintain cleanliness of the genitals and do not change sexual partners

Such information that I can provide, hopefully can help you.

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