Menstruation Is Only 5 Days Long?

Illustration of Menstruation Is Only 5 Days Long?
Illustration: Menstruation Is Only 5 Days Long?

I want to ask, if I only menstruate until 5 days. Is it fertile? Thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The normal duration of menstruation is between 3-7 days. So that if your period is still 5 days, you are still in the normal category. However, menstrual duration is not a marker of fertility.

A sign of fertility, or a sign that you are entering the fertile period is the basal temperature, or the temperature of your body when you just wake up, rises. This can only be known if you are diligent in measuring your body temperature when you wake up. When there is an increase, it could be that you are actually entering into a fertile period. Then, vaginal mucus. Before pembuhan, the vagina will release more mucus than usual. The characteristic of mucus in this fertile period is clear white like egg white and thin. In addition, the fertile period itself can be known by the calendar method, which for those who have regular menstrual cycles, usually occurs on days 12-16 after the first day of menstruation.

In a broader period of time, a marker of fertility is if you succeed in getting pregnant within a year from the time you do try to have children. Because the definition of infertility or infertility is when a husband and wife are still unable to have a baby even though they have had regular sexual intercourse for a year (3-4x a week), and without the influence of contraception. Infertility can be due to factors from the wife, the husband, or a mixture of both.

So back to your question, menstruation that lasts 5 days is normal, but this information can not say anything about your fertility. Those whose menstruation is normal may not be fertile and those whose periods are not normal may be fertile. So if you feel you have fertility problems, you should check yourself and your husband at the obstetrician for further examination, so that the next treatment plan can be determined. So, hopefully answering your question.

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