Menstruation Is Only Half A Day When Using 3-month Injection KB?

Hello, I want to ask, I spent about 1.5 years using a 3-month injection program and I have never menstruated at all. Recently, I have menstruated for 3 days, but my period is being spread until noon, why, please help in answer my question is this the usual thing Thank you before

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Hello .. thanks for the question ..

Injecting contraception is divided into 1 month and 3 months injection contraception. 3-month injection birth control is a type of hormonal contraception that is widely used. The way this contraceptive injection works is to thicken mucus / cervix to prevent fertilization. Every contraceptive method and method has advantages and disadvantages, including this injection. The disadvantages of injectable birth control are:

Experiencing changes in menstrual patterns / menstruation such as irregular menstruation, blood flowing just spotting, or no menstruation at all. Increased body weight. nausea, headaches, breast pain (usually complaints will disappear after the second injection and so on) can not be stopped at any time and can affect the late recovery of fertility when stopped. long-term use can cause side effects of heart disease, stroke, reduce bone density. long-term use can cause vaginal dryness and decreased libido. the advantages of injectable birth control are:

high effectiveness. the risk of side effects to health is small. does not affect sexual relations and does not affect breast milk. is a long-term method of contraception. no need to store injectable drugs. Reduces the incidence of benign breast tumors and ovarian cysts. prevent ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. Based on the complaint you are experiencing, it may be a side effect or deficiency of injecting birth control and is something that can happen. However, if menstrual complaints last longer and interfere with your daily life, you should consult and consult with your obstetrician to ensure your situation. Your doctor will do a physical examination, blood test, ultrasound examination so that it can provide the right solution and treatment for you. The thing you need to do is avoid stress and overactivity, consume healthy and nutritious food, consume 2 liters of water a day, get enough rest.

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