Menstruation Is Out For Almost A Month?

Illustration of Menstruation Is Out For Almost A Month?
Illustration: Menstruation Is Out For Almost A Month?

Hello, I am 30 years old. Last month I menstruated smoothly, after a 1 week cycle I was purified but after 2.3 days dirty blood (black u0026amp; brown) but only a little bit and it lasted for almost 3 weeks, sometimes 2 days clean tomorrow dirty blood comes out again and now blood comes out again but it is red, it says it’s normal if KBT but my husband and I don’t have any KB program right now. Please explain.

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Hello, thanks for the question.

Every month a woman will experience menstruation or menstruation, which is the process of decaying the uterine wall because the egg is not fertilized by male sperm. The average length of menstruation in women is 3-7 days with menstrual cycles 21-35 days. Menstrual cycles are calculated from the first day of the last menstruation to the first day of the next menstruation. If the menstrual cycle is outside, less than 21 days or more than 35 days, we can think of a disturbance. Bleeding that occurs between the two menstrual cycles is called metroragia. The bleeding is most often caused by hormonal disorders in the body, can be caused by body conditions such as stress, weight loss or drastic weight gain, the use of contraceptives, especially types of contraception that contain hormones such as birth control pills, birth control injections, or implants, or are caused due to disease in the reproductive organs or in the brain that regulates the balance of reproductive hormones. Some diseases that can cause these complaints include:

Endometriosis Myoma Cervical polyps or endometrial polyps Infections of blood disorders etc. To ascertain the cause of abnormal bleeding it is better to consult an obstetrician, the doctor will do the answer, physical examination, and supporting examinations such as laboratories, ultrasound, and others. Handling will be done according to the cause of the underlying disease. It's better to eat nutritious foods, eat foods that contain lots of iron and folic acid, drink lots of water, get enough rest, avoid stress, cigarettes, and alcohol. If bleeding complaints are accompanied by complaints of severe abdominal pain, weakness and pale should immediately consult the nearest hospital doctor.

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