Menstruation Is Suddenly Faster?

Illustration of Menstruation Is Suddenly Faster?
Illustration: Menstruation Is Suddenly Faster?

Good evening, I’m a 24-year-old woman. I usually menstruate for 7 days but the cycle is irregular, but still in the period of 25-31 days. Usually when I menstruate, blood comes out gradually. The last two days I returned menstruation, even though only 12 days ago I finished menstruation, and menstruation is now not gradual as usual, direct blood flow a lot. Usually when I menstruate, the blood does not come out continuously, for example, I will wipe around for a few seconds and then come out again, but now, continuously, every time I wipe with a tissue (eg drying after urinating) there is always fresh blood. Maybe I could advise, because I’m afraid of cysts or myoma, considering my mother had her uterus removed because of myoma. Thank you in advance

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Menstruation is a normal cycle that occurs in the female reproductive system. The normal menstrual cycle is every 21-35 days. Outside that period, abnormal menstruation can be categorized. If the cycle is less than 21 days it can be called a polimenorea. And if there is a lot of bleeding and lasts more than 7 days called menagia. There are several possibilities that can cause similar complaints. To find out the cause of the complaint, it is necessary to do a history and direct examination. Some possibilities include:

Pelvic inflammation
Myoma uteri
Hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland is unable to produce enough thyroid hormone
Cervical polyps or uterine polyps

Disorders of the ovary, which can cause the hormone cycle and the process of ovulation, does not occur as it should
Blood clotting disorders, such as Von Willebrand disease

If your complaint does not improve or you are worried you should immediately check with your obstetrician to get further examination and treatment related to your condition

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