Menstruation Late A Week When Using KB Injection 1 Month?

Illustration of Menstruation Late A Week When Using KB Injection 1 Month?
Illustration: Menstruation Late A Week When Using KB Injection 1 Month?

In the afternoon I was late for menses already a week. But I regularly visit every month. In December I should have been on January 1. But I did it on December 29th. On the 29th of December, I was there again. After I left, I only cried for 3 days. Then, when I got back in January, I was back on the 26th. There, I was on the 26th. Then I wait for the date 29 menses or not. It turns out until now I’m not mens. Is that pregnant? The thing is I haven’t testpack. Thank you in advance.

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Hi Andriyani,

Thank you for asking

1 month injection KB has an active substance containing a combination of estrogen and progesterone which need to be injected into the body every 4 weeks to get optimal results. With this injection of synthetic hormones, reproductive hormones in the body can be modified in production, so that indirectly, the egg will be inhibited to ovulate, cervical mucus becomes more viscous, and the results of fertilization are difficult to immerse themselves in the uterine wall. If used correctly, with a regular injection schedule as advised by your doctor, 1 month injection birth control can be very effective in preventing pregnancy, even reaching 99% more.

Not infrequently, women who use 1-month injection KB will indeed experience complaints related to irregular menstrual cycles. This condition is not always dangerous and does not always indicate pregnancy. It could be, this condition naturally occurs due to the impact of these hormonal modifications. Frequently, with a healthy lifestyle and the correct use of injectable birth control, these complaints will improve by themselves in 1 to 3 months.

But indeed, although it is very unlikely, the potential for pregnancy still cannot be completely eliminated. Aside from the side effects of birth control and pregnancy, your current menstruation can also be caused by physical fatigue, stress, obesity, drug side effects, ovarian cysts, thyroid gland disorders, and many other factors.

You should first try the following steps:

Carry out a testpack on days when you have a menstrual delay of 1 week or more. Take plenty of rest, reduce tiring activities. Exercise regularly. Be more active in eating fruits and vegetables. Avoid excessive stress. Drink enough. Keep your weight so that you are not too fat, but not too thin. If you find a positive testpack result, or if you have made the above efforts for 1 month but menstruation still does not come, you can go back to see a doctor or obstetrician to be given the right course of action related to your condition.

Hope this helps ...

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