Menstruation Late And Spots Come Out Whether Pregnant?

Illustration of Menstruation Late And Spots Come Out Whether Pregnant?
Illustration: Menstruation Late And Spots Come Out Whether Pregnant?

I want to ask me at that time already menstruate late 3 days … during late my stomach cramps but didn’t bleed. But on day 3 I suddenly had a brown blood color that was unusual and very runny and not thick. It was morning and night. on the 4th day in the morning the same blood came again … but a few hours later my stomach cramps hurts to bleed red but it’s not bright but the flow is slow and not thick either. Am I pregnant or what? Please help doc thanks

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 Brown blood or brownish spots can appear as a sign of pregnancy or a sign of menstruation. In addition there are several factors that can trigger brown blood during menstruation, including the influence of reproductive hormones, stress, fatigue, infections in the reproductive organs, use of hormonal contraception, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Brownish spots can occur early in pregnancy. The process of implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall can trigger brown spots that last only temporarily and are usually not too much.
 While brownish spots also often occur on the early days of menstruation and the longer the volume of blood will be more and usually lasts longer than the implantation process (> 3 days).
 When the implantation process occurs and when menstruation, can be accompanied by symptoms of mild cramps - moderate in the lower abdomen.
 To find out if you are pregnant or not, do a simple examination using a testpack. The examination is quite easy, fast and accurate to detect pregnancy hormones that have been produced by the fetus.

In addition, usually pregnant women will experience some signs of early pregnancy that can be felt, including:

 No menstruation Breasts become more sensitive Brownish cramps in the abdomen under the nausea and vomiting Hip pain Sensitive to smell Changes in mood Some of the early pregnancy signs above are uncertain signs, so not all women will feel these symptoms.

While definite signs of pregnancy include:

 Visible fetal pouch in the uterus Fetal heart rate can be seen There is fetal movement in the uterus. These definite signs of pregnancy can be identified when an ultrasound examination is performed.

Therefore, do not hesitate to do a simple examination with a test pack if you know you are late for your period. We also recommend that you conduct an examination and consultation with an obstetrician to get further evaluation related to your condition you are experiencing.

Get enough rest at home, avoid stress and fatigue, consumption of healthy and nutritious foods, and consumption of folic acid to meet nutritional needs during pregnancy preparation.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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