Menstruation More Than A Week Whether The Effects Of Birth Control After 2 Months Of Birth?

Illustration of Menstruation More Than A Week Whether The Effects Of Birth Control After 2 Months Of Birth?
Illustration: Menstruation More Than A Week Whether The Effects Of Birth Control After 2 Months Of Birth?

Morning, I wulan age 24 .. I want to ask .. I have a baby aged 2 months .. I was giving birth to childbirth cman a week … Postpartum hemorrhage finished a week later blood came out but only a little 3 days. After I injected KB a week I immediately got more than one week menstruation, not as usual when I had first injection I had no menstruation before the same time as I had a second ankle and then menstruation after childbirth .. That’s how come why my period is more normal a week whether the effect of KB injection or not .. Please explain, thank you trim

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Hello Woelhan Nadine Luster, thank you for your question to

The puerperium is also known as the postpartum period (approximately 6 weeks after giving birth). At this time, the body of the mother who has just given birth will experience a variety of changes, ranging from the hormonal system (hormones producing milk and others), uterine contractions and changes in the uterus to its original form, the process of wound healing, and changes in other parts of the body's reproduction back to condition before pregnancy.

Generally, during the puerperium, there is a process of 'cleansing' the uterus naturally with discharge and tissue remnants from the birth canal. The duration of this process can vary for each person, but usually reaches 14 days. There are 3 types of fluids that come out at this time. On days 1-2, the liquid that comes out contains fresh blood and the remnants of the membranes, on days 3-7 postpartum, reddish yellow fluid (blood and mucus), while on days 7-14, only yellow liquid (no more blood). Also read: Regarding Postpartum Blood.

So, maybe what you mean postpartum is only the process of discharge from the birth canal. While the puerperium / process of returning the condition of the reproductive organs still occur for approximately 6 weeks postpartum (changes are not realized).

Related to menstruation problems that are more than one week, this can occur by several conditions. Menstruation itself varies greatly from person to person. Normally, a woman's menstrual cycle occurs once a month (every 21-35 days) with a menstrual duration of 3-7 days. Sometimes the menstrual cycle in some women begins with abdominal cramps, pain in the breast, and other symptoms (not all women experience it). The amount of blood that comes out an average of 35-50 cc.

There is a condition called prolonged menstrual bleeding, where bleeding in the menstrual cycle lasts more than 8 days. This could be caused by normal variants, or certain conditions, one of which is the influence of the use of hormonal birth control. Injectable birth control is a type of hormonal birth control. KB is used to thicken the fluid in the lining of the cervix and prevent the release of eggs from the ovaries, so fertilization cannot occur. Also read: Know the Causes of Older Menruasi.

There are 2 types of injectable birth control, some are injected every month (containing the hormones estrogen and progesterone) and also every 3 months (only containing progesterone only). You need to pay attention to some of the side effects of the use of injectable birth control, because one of the side effects is menstrual bleeding becomes irregular, so that it can even be longer or more. In addition, because it affects the hormone system, other side effects include:

amenorrhoea (no menstruation) weight gain emergence of acne headaches nausea and others If If there is a lot of bleeding, you feel weak, or you are still worried, immediately check yourself at the nearest health facility or obstetrician so that doctors can do questions and answers further related to your complaints and direct physical examination, so that the cause of prolonged menstruation is known and can be handled appropriately.

That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope you are always healthy.


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