Illustration of Menstruation
Illustration: Menstruation

hello …. I want to ask. the beginning of my period was March 13th this month. then it was considered to be mens on March 22nd. but after that, how come the spots still form blood spots. there’s not much, there are only a few, and even then rarely only comes out. who want to just ask, what comes out is still called menstruation? then what is the danger of a doctor? thanks .

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Hello Walida,

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Before I answer your question, I will ask first, are you already married? Are you using birth control? Because to establish the diagnosis and the cause of the appearance of felek, it is necessary to conduct a deeper interview. But I will try to describe some of the possible causes, which can be caused by psychological factors, the use of birth control, and also pregnancy.

Spots can be caused by psychological factors, namely stress. Where when the body is stressed, hormone treatment will appear, thereby making hormones in the body become unbalanced, and causing the mesntruation cycle to become irregular or also appear spots.

Pembainan Kb is also one of the causes of spots, or not smooth menstruation. This is also caused by hormonal treatment after installing family planning. In addition, the process of pregnancy will also indicate the appearance of spots, because when the ovaries have been fertilized, the egg will walk into the fallopian tubes and will stick to the uterus or the uterus, when attaching this will appear or spots occur.

The following is an explanation from me, if you multiply stress or have a lot of thoughts, spots can be caused due to psychological factors, and if you are not included in these three categories, you can consult yourself to the obstetrician, so that physical examination and further support is done.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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