Mental Illness?

Illustration of Mental Illness?
Illustration: Mental Illness?

I have a friend who always does severe selfharm until covered in blood and he always posts his selfharm on social media and chat media and he also always considers himself a psychopath. Like always discussing about psychopaths and always talking with the main themes of psychopaths he always discusses things things about psychopaths .. He had been to a psychiatrist and his diagnosis was bipolar but what I sometimes didn’t understand was that he always frightened people with the injuries he made in his body, scary stories and psychopathic things towards our friends .. Is that also another sign of bipolar? He was very interested in things that smelled of psychopaths and it made him tend to actually become actually like a psychopath

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your complaint can lead to a mental health disorder called self injury or self herm.

Self injury is characterized by a tendency to self-injury but is not intended to be a suicide attempt. self-injury can be in the form of menyilet, chopping skin, stabbing the skin with sharp objects, and so on. self injury is often a way to overcome intense anger and disappointment.

In addition to physical signs (eg, scars), patients with self injury can experience obstacles in relations with people (antisocial), emotional and behavioral instability, feeling helpless and helpless.

self injury can also occur in people who have a threshold personality, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety.

the psychopathic characteristics of the medical world itself will not officially diagnose someone as a psychopath. Doctors will refer to psychopaths as social personality disorders. Here are some of the characteristics of psychopaths, one of which is the psychopathic surgery of a normal human being is a moral basis or conscience. Psychopaths are known as people who do not have a conscience or empathy, so the actions taken can be detrimental to others.

You can read this article further about the symptoms and psychopathic features to watch out for

so the complaint is not as long as it is related to bipolar, there can also be other additional personality disorders.

then the determination of a more definitive complaint diagnosis you mentioned can be done by a psychiatrist doctor who conducts direct interviews. shamans from the family and the environment will greatly help recovery. treatment tailored to other mental disorders experienced.
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