Metacarpal Fractures For More Than 3 Weeks?

Illustration of Metacarpal Fractures For More Than 3 Weeks?
Illustration: Metacarpal Fractures For More Than 3 Weeks?

… good afternoon, 3 weeks ago I slipped in my room and fell down with my hands hitting the door … until then the palms were swollen and sore when moved especially the ring finger and pinky finger … first I thought it was just a mistake but after a while ring finger and pinky finger are difficult to grasp and feel pain … then I x-rayed the metacarpal bone and the pinky finger was broken … and the doctor suggested to be operated immediately which estimated the cost was not small and was required to immediately because the bone had broken tissue that connects but the bone is not yet in the position it should be … my question is if no surgery is performed does it affect the overall health condition of the body? considering my current financial condition, I can’t afford the operating costs

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Hi Herry,

Hand fractures can occur when there is a collision or trauma. To ensure a broken home the doctor can do anamnesis, physical examination, and supporting examinations with X-rays and CT scans.

Hand fracture management depends on the condition of the patient, can be repositioned and installed casts, splits, or braces, but in certain cases surgery is needed to overcome a broken hand bone.

Broken bones will actually improve by itself without treatment, but if not treated properly, complications can arise after fractures. Broken bones that are left can experience non-union (non-connecting bone), mal-union (bone grafting is not appropriate, usually looks crooked and can interfere with movement), delayed union (healing is delayed), and an increased risk of infection in cases of fractures without treatment.

Therefore, I suggest that you follow the advice of the orthopedic doctor who examined you. If it is constrained by costs, try to consult with the insurance or social security. If you already have social security, you should follow the flow check according to your health facilities.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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