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Good evening, I have a question related to microalbumin. My mother has diabetes. His blood sugar level reached 350. Then when he checked the lab, it turned out that his microalbumin reached 124. Is this dangerous? How to take action? Thank you

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Hello Tya Wahyu, thank you for your question

Blood sugar levels, indicating the body's function in metabolizing sugar or carbohydrates in the body. In people with diabetes mellitus, there is a disruption in the production of the hormone insulin, or the body's ineffective use of insulin. This causes a person's blood sugar levels to be higher than normal values. The range of normal values ​​for blood sugar levels in the body is as follows:

during fasting (not eating and drinking except plain water for 8 hours): less than 100 mg / dL
2 hours after meals: less than 140 mg / dL
random blood sugar: less than 200 mg / dL

So, if your mother's blood sugar level is 350 (whether it is measured during fasting or 2 hours after fasting) it is considered high.

High blood sugar levels that last a long time without treatment can cause a number of complications in several organs such as kidneys, eyes, sexual dysfunction, damage to blood vessels which can cause the patient to become unconscious / coma. For this reason, if a person has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, it is very important to carry out routine treatment and also carry out some supporting examinations to monitor his body condition.

In some cases, people with diabetes mellitus will experience complications in the form of kidney problems. Microalbumin levels, can be used as a supporting examination to detect the presence or absence of early stage kidney damage. Normally, albumin is not found in the urine because the kidneys are working optimally. The normal level of microalbumin is less than 30 mg / 24 hours. 30-300 mg / 24 hours indicates early kidney enlargement, and more than 30 mg / 24 hours indicates advanced renal damage.

So that if your mother has a microalbumin level of 124 mg / 24 hours, then this is still relatively high. Microlabumin levels like this can also be found in patients with high blood pressure (hypertension) or in patients with impaired immunity.

However, we cannot conclude how dangerous your mother's condition is. this is because, the laboratory results of supporting examinations cannot stand alone. Other objective data are needed, such as the results of the patient's physical examination so that doctors will be wiser in concluding the results of the patient's condition and the actions that should be taken.

for that you are strongly advised to consult again with the doctor who treats your mother. In addition, take medication according to your doctor's instructions, do regular exercise and consume a balanced nutritious diet according to the diet of people with Diabetes mellitus so that your mother's blood sugar can be well controlled.

so, hope it is useful,

dr. Barrel

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