Microdermabrasion Treatment Procedures?

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Basically, microdermabrasion of the face is a procedure of facial skin rejuvenation and treatment performed by a skin exfoliation technique, the procedure will cause dead facial skin cells to be removed. This treatment procedure is usually used to treat skin problems such as:

reduce wrinkles on facial skin acne problems dull skin problems the presence of blackheads and large facial pores the presence of black spots due to sunlight the presence of melasma / the emergence of dark spots on the skin around the face uneven skin color and uneven facial skin texture However, the need to know about microdermabrasion that needs to be considered before doing the procedure are:

the occurrence of darker skin color due to myrodermabrasion which is at risk of causing pigmentary changes is not recommended to be done by someone who is undergoing radiotherapy on the head is not recommended by individuals who consume isotretinoin, which is feared will actually trigger scarring when the microdermabrasion procedure is carried out by someone suffering from a bacterial infection. or a virus on the face (herpes simplex, impetigo, warts) is not recommended to do this facial treatment procedure is not recommended for someone who has a facial lesion that is suspected of a skin cancer. and not recommended for someone suffering from rosacea (facial skin problems that are characterized by reddish skin, dense nodules and pus that appears clearly and blood vessels). Usually the risks or effects felt after facial microdermabrasion are:

discomfort on the swollen skin and redness on the skin the skin becomes more sensitive sensitive skin becomes drier and peeling for several days But usually the doctor will give a special cream that contains moisturizer and sunscreen so that the skin does not experience excessive side effects, especially for patients who carries out maintenance that carries out almost all of its daily activities outside the room and in contact with sunlight and air pollution.

To ensure the pigmentation that you experience is due to the effects of microdermabrasion, you should consult the doctor who performed the procedure with you again. We can not determine whether the pigmentation can still be lost and the skin returns to normal as it was before or not because we do not carry out checks on you directly, but there should you continue to do and use products that are brought by the doctor to you, so that your skin does not become increasingly more sensitive and pigmented when in contact with the sun's UV rays. Thus we can convey to you, hopefully our information can be useful for you. thanks.

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