Middle Chest Pain Especially When Inhaling?

Illustration of Middle Chest Pain Especially When Inhaling?
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Congratulations mlm I am at the age of 17 I am almost 2y in the middle of the chest I suddenly get very sick but not too long and often also if the breath likes to be very painful, and I also if I get tired of the upper left chest, it hurts a lot, and I also like pain in the head all parts sometimes back sometimes right and left 😢 and now sometimes my stomach hurts so much it doesn’t hold up 😭 I’m also not too appetite rich rice rarely so that’s why I think I’m healthy sometimes if I go back I can’t stand up together sit 😢 I cmn want to know me why Thank you

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Hello Ciya, thank you for asking.

Pain in the middle or left chest, can be caused by various things. Disturbances in the muscles, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract and lungs, or disorders of the heart can all provide symptoms of chest pain that are sometimes similar. Given your young age and the absence of typical complaints that accompany, the possibility of heart problems is very minimal. Generally chest pain due to heart problems, felt heavy during activity, improved at rest, not affected by movement (including breathing movements), feels like a sense of heaviness / suppression, accompanied by cold sweat or a feeling of fainting.

Respiratory and lung disorders are generally accompanied by complaints of repeated coughing or shortness of breath. Then the most likely possibilities are disorders of the muscles (eg injury or inflammation) and digestive tract disorders. Gastrointestinal disorders can be gastritis, peptic ulcers, or GERD.

Symptoms can include chest pain or upper abdominal pain (uluhati), feeling sore / hot / punctured, bloating, lots of belching, no appetite, easy satiety, nausea, vomiting, sometimes diarrhea, and can also be accompanied by inflammation of the throat or coughing repeatedly. Chest pain due to stomach upset can cause shortness of breath.

Stomach disorders can be caused by bacterial Helicobacter pylori infection, psychological stress, hormonal disorders, dietary errors, consumption of caffeine, alcohol, or cigarettes, the effects of certain drugs, or other chronic disease conditions.

Consult this matter with your doctor. If the doctor really suspects a stomach disorder, then generally therapy will be given for at least a few weeks or months. You should routinely take medication as directed and control routine, so your doctor can monitor the progress of the disease.

Try to eat regularly, drink enough water, multiply eating vegetables and fruit, avoid caffeine, cigarettes, or alcohol (if you consume it). Limit foods that are oily, foods that are too spicy or sour. Regular exercise 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes. Get a good night's sleep.

Hopefully this information can help you. Regards.

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