Middle Finger Swollen And Suppurating (white) Numb?

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Good night. The middle finger of my mother’s right hand was swollen, and like festering because the color is white like pus but hard and numb. I wonder why? I don’t know what the cause is. I have taken her to a dermatologist, but the doctor even confused about what disease. Please recommend what doctor you should bring to a specialist? Thank you.

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Swelling and festering on the fingers can be caused by many factors. It needs an in-depth evaluation of the swelling itself from its inception, an increase in size, accompanying complaints such as fever and a history of previous illnesses such as diabetes, for example. Apart from all these things you also need a physical examination directly on your mother. But from the information that you submit there are several possibilities such as:

Skin cyst
Ganglion cyst

For a while:

Maintain personal hygiene and environment, especially on the fingers that experience swelling
Do not use any medicine or herbs without doctor's instructions
Avoid pressing or manipulating fingers

It would be nice if your mother can get an evaluation directly by a different specialist doctor to be able to know the causes and the best treatment for your mother

So much information from me, hopefully it helps

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