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morning, so like this, it seems like every day around 8-10 am I always experience migraines / headaches that are a little disturbing my work activities. I also experienced nausea during the incident. migraine only occurs about 10-30 minutes. I also happen to have not examined my illness because in my opinion this is still reasonable. I also have not tried taking migraine drugs that are commonly sold. may I know u003cstrong u003what steps should I take and this disease factor can occur? u003c / strong u003e thank you HealthReplies.com

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Hello Aristo, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Migraine headaches so far are still not clearly known what causes them, but there are several factors that can trigger complaints such as:

 Frequently consume foods that are high in salt, caffeine, or MSG Consuming alcoholic foods / drinks Certain foods such as chocolate (especially dark chocolate) or cheese Smoking / exposure to cigarette smoke Stinging smells Noise Emotion such as anxiety, stress, too happy, tension , or depression Poor sleep quality Excessive fatigue Poor posture Low blood sugar levels Too much exercise Side effects of drugs Because there are quite a lot of triggers and they can occur together, it is very important for you to evaluate yourself , whether there are 1 or more of the above factors that you have, and if there are, it is highly recommended to avoid or correct these trigger factors to help reduce the likelihood of your complaint returning. If indeed you think the pain is not too disturbing and can improve without medication, of course it does not matter if you do not consume over-the-counter migraine medicine.

Although this condition is generally harmless, it is a good idea to continue to consult the doctor for further evaluation if complaints are more frequent / severe, still felt even though you have improved or avoided the triggers you have, living a healthier lifestyle (exercising regularly consume enough vegetables and fruits and consume enough water) and consume special migraine medicines that are sold freely because these complaints can be caused by other conditions such as strokes, brain tumors or inflammation of the blood vessels of the brain.

I hope this helps.

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