Milk Allergy In Infants Aged 10 Days?

Illustration of Milk Allergy In Infants Aged 10 Days?
Illustration: Milk Allergy In Infants Aged 10 Days?

I am a 21-year-old mother who has just given birth to her first child, for food consumption I am only advised parents to eat white rice tofu spinach tempeh + sufor only said he feared later impacted the baby so allergic and for the pup so far the baby is still normal which is 1 to 2x in one day, my question is whether this is true? and if it is true are there other alternative foods as a substitute for boredom to be consumed besides knowing that tempeh milk is friendly for babies so as not to be allergic ?? thank you

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Allergy is the body's excessive response to something called an allergen. Allergens can take various forms, can be eggs, milk, cheese, crabs, bread, animal hair, medicine and various other things. Basically, everyone can be allergic to anything. If you have been exposed to allergies, excessive responses that will be displayed by the body include sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, swelling, itching, rashes, to severe conditions such as shortness of breath and decreased consciousness.

Regarding your question, so far no one knows why allergies can occur to someone, and why their allergies are specific to something. Allergy medications on the market today are only able to eliminate allergy symptoms, but do not eliminate allergies completely. If the allergen returns, then the symptoms will arise again. So, it is not true that certain foods consumed by mothers can trigger their children to be allergic, and it is also not true that certain foods can prevent allergies. Allergies can appear without a clear cause, and can disappear without a clear reason as well.

Therefore, you are free to consume anything, it will not affect your baby. Then regarding what foods should be given to your baby, if he is under 6 months, the best nutrition is breast milk. There is no debate about this. The World Health Organization has determined that until the age of 6 months, the best food for babies is breast milk, and you ask any doctor the answers will be similar. It's just that for certain medical conditions, such as maybe premature babies, or yellow babies due to breast milk, the intake must be adjusted. But for normal babies, the absolute best food is breast milk.

If your child is more than 6 months old, then it is necessary to complement food or complementary feeding to meet their needs. You can provide a variety of fruits, vegetables, chicken, bread, baby porridge and eggs, but the thing to remember is that the food must be smooth so your baby can digest it more easily. Do not rush to change the type of food, because the baby's digestive tool is still adaptable in processing it. Babies will not be bored even if a week or more are given the same menu. Too fast changing the type of food MPASI can actually make it difficult CHAPTER. Then avoid giving him added sugar and salt if he is under 1 year old because sugar and salt can be dangerous for his kidneys. In addition, salty or sweet foods and drinks can make him choosy and lazy to eat in the future. So, hopefully answering your question.

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