Milk Blister To The Breast When Breastfeeding

Illustration of Milk Blister To The Breast When Breastfeeding
Illustration: Milk Blister To The Breast When Breastfeeding

Hello, I’m Hana, I’m 32 years old. Right now I’m nursing a 4-month-old baby. Today I often experience milk blisters while breastfeeding, handling that I do with a sterile needle. over and over in the same place huh? But now my baby is smart at breastfeeding … Thanks

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Hello Hana, thank you for asking at

Milk blister is a condition that occurs when the pores of the nipple from which milk comes out are blocked. Complaints that are generally caused is in the form of small lumps that are white / clear / yellowish and painful around the nipple.

This condition is indeed harmless and is generally caused by several factors such as:

Excessive milk production
Pressure on the breast area where there are complaints
Poor baby's ability to suck
Abnormalities of the tongue in infants
Fungal or bacterial infections of the breast
Use of a bra that is too tight

Blisterini milk can also heal by itself if you are in a few days to several weeks as the skin peels in the area so that the blockage also disappears.

This condition can occur in the same area due to the pores where the milk does not change and if the causes are not eliminated then of course the complaint can be repeated.

In the meantime, to help deal with complaints, there are some suggestions that you can do at home, namely:

Apply a warm and moist compress (using a gauze cloth that has been moistened with NaCl liquid) on the area that is experiencing complaints before you breastfeed at least 4x in one day
Clean the skin that causes blockage by using clean finger nails. The use of sterile needles for cleaning can also be done as you do now, but the use of these needles is highly recommended not to be done at home and only done by doctors to prevent breast infections
Use ASI pumps which have the equivalent standard of ASI pumps in hospitals
Increase the frequency of breastfeeding your child
Perform gentle massage on the breast using olive oil
Other additional therapies such as lechitin supplementation, increasing the intake of vegetables and fruit, and the use of lotions containing vitamin E in areas that have complaints
If complaints of pain are felt to be very disturbing, you can also help by taking pain relievers such as paracetamol according to the dosage on the package

If the complaint still arises after you have tried various methods above and avoided the cause as much as possible, or an infection in the breast, do further consultation with your doctor to determine further therapy that should be given.

I hope this helps.

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