Milk For Masks?

Illustration of Milk For Masks?
Illustration: Milk For Masks?

Is it okay for pregnant women with masks to use bear milk ??

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Hello Ridlo, thank you for asking the team.

The condition of being pregnant, will indeed make the skin more sensitive than normal conditions, this is greatly influenced by hormonal changes in pregnant women. Naturally, for example, as a pregnant woman, she should be more careful in using products to treat skin. Because whatever is used in the body, will have a little impact on the fetus that is conceived

There is actually no prohibition for bear brand milk / bear brand milk to be used as a mask, because bear brand milk contains 100% pure milk, which in the packaging has gone through a process of sterilization / killing bacteria that can contaminate milk products. In addition to its pure milk content, bear brand milk also contains several vitamins that are good for pregnant women, children, and the elderly who need sufficient vitamins to meet the metabolic needs of the body to function properly.

In doing skin care for pregnant women, it is necessary to be extra careful, a little content in skin care contains things that are dangerous and can affect the health of the mother and the fetus. Here are some tips for choosing safe care for pregnant women:

Wash your face with ingredients that are safe for the skin, find a soap that is suitable with a balanced pH for the skin so that the skin is not easily irritated.
Use make-up as thin as possible and as needed. By reducing the use of make-up that is too heavy for the skin, it will also reduce the possibility of facial problems due to make-up
Choose make-up and skin care products that are safe, which do not contain fragrances / fragrances, parabens and their derivatives, salicylic acid, tretinoin.
If your skin is very acne prone, avoid actions that often touch acne, use bangs with hair that is too oily, use skin care and makeup products that are noncomedogenic / anti-blackheads, and if you want to use acne medication first, consult a doctor or a dermatologist for safer.
Keep using moisturizer and sunscreen with ingredients that are safe for pregnant women.

So much from me, may be useful. Thanks.

dr. Ciptanti

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