Milk Formula Allergies?

Illustration of Milk Formula Allergies?
Illustration: Milk Formula Allergies?

Morning ?? I want to ask my 15-year-old child to be born and defecate every morning and night, is that included as a milk allergy? Because when she was born she was allergic to milk and I have changed but now she continues to defecate but does not foam and does not smell now I change again for milk but she likes to sneeze whether it is allergic allergy, please explain thanks

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Provision of additional milk, including formula milk, in infants who are still young (less than 1 year) is very risky to cause allergic reactions. This milk allergy can be triggered by various components contained in the milk, it could be due to its sugar content, protein, flavor, and so on. Milk allergy can occur in a variety of clinical manifestations, for example nausea, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, skin rashes, colic, shortness, and so on. Furthermore, symptoms of milk allergy can make the nutrients that are successfully absorbed by the baby's body become not optimal, and the impact of the baby's growth will also be hampered. Maybe, this indeed triggers your baby's complaints at this time.

Not only milk allergy, bowel disorders that your baby is experiencing may also be caused by lactose intolerance, malabsorption, digestive infections, other viral or bacterial infections, poisoning, and so on. It may also be that your baby's condition is actually included in a reasonable variation, for example if your baby's bowel movements occur within a normal range (1-3 times a day), the consistency is not too runny, does not contain mucus or blood.

It's better if you don't panic before. Try to try to give your baby milk, which is to feed the baby a lot directly to the mother or milk the mother's milk every 2 hours and then give it to the baby. If there are obstacles from the mother to breastfeed the baby, before giving formula milk, it is better to try first to find the right breastfeeding donor. If this is not possible, don't hesitate to have your baby checked by a doctor or pediatrician to choose the right milk substitute. The nutritional needs of each baby can be very different, so it's not right for you to give your baby extra milk (other than breast milk) too early without consulting a doctor.

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