Minor Postoperative Care To Prevent Keloids?

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Hi, r nI finished a small operation on the chest (if a layman calls it warts😅) the doctor gave me a prescription, one of which is the Koniderm topical medicine to keep the scars from turning into keloids. I told the doctor I didn’t know there was any potential to have keloids / No, when I was asked, because I have never had another operation or had a skin disease since childhood (eg, smallpox) so there is no history. Yes, can this coniderm be replaced with bio oil, right? Because I have bio oil at home so it’s more economical, no need to buy it again😅 r nThank you in advance …

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Hello Eka

Koniderm products contain different ingredients from Bio oil products, so even though the two products are claimed to have similar properties, they cannot make one of these products a substitute (equivalent substitute) for another product. Because different ingredients may have different mechanisms.

Keloid itself is a skin disorder that arises from wounds or damage to skin tissue due to skin diseases (eg smallpox, herpes, etc.). However, not everyone who experiences skin tissue injury / damage will experience keloids, this depends on their genetic talent and how severe the tissue damage is.

Keloid itself actually will not endanger health, but the presence of keloids will interfere with appearance or sometimes accompanied by itching. There are various procedures or treatments to remove keloids such as surgery, lasers, drug injections, cryotherapy, etc. However, the success of the procedure again depends on the person's skin condition, because it is possible that the keloid will reappear even after undergoing the above procedures.

Meanwhile, to prevent the emergence of keloids, various creams / ointments or medicines will be given to help the process of restoring damaged skin tissue goes well, but these products are only helpful, and do not guarantee 100% that keloid will not occur because it returns. on the severity of the damage to the skin tissue and whether or not the keloid is likely to develop in the person. Your doctor must have carefully assessed the needs of your skin type and considered the severity of the injury, so he finally decided to give the treatment.

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