Minoxidil Use For Female Hair?

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Good night, doctor, dear Budiwati … r nWant to ask about minoxidil products r nWhat is 5% absolutely not recommended for women? R nWhat are the reasons and are there any significant side effects other than the general side effects listed when women use which is 5% r nThank you for the answer …

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Hello, Ika Lidia, thank you for using the HealthReplies.com service to ask about health problems.

Hair loss, is indeed something that is not wanted by anyone, especially for women for reasons of cosmetics / beauty. Every woman must have longed for dark black hair and lots and of course, healthy. So that sometimes any means are taken to fulfill the desire to prevent bothersome hair loss.

An overview of the factors that influence hair loss are:

hormonal changes
immune system disorders
lack of nutritional intake needed by the body
there is stress both psychologically and physically
for reasons of using certain drugs such as chemotherapy.

Quick steps in growing hair are usually taken by using topical drugs, namely using chemical drugs containing Minoxidil. Many people have known about the effectiveness of Minoxidil in the business of growing hair. However, as you know, the recommended minoxidil level for women is minoxidil 2%, while minoxidil 5% is recommended for use by men only.

This is related to the side effects caused by using Minoxidil, including:

the appearance of irritation to the skin
a sensation that arises after use such as itching or a burning sensation
change in hair color
the appearance / growth of acne
facial swelling
the presence of chest pain
there is hair growth on the face

Minoxidil 2% is indeed the right recommendation and is recommended directly by the World Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which of course previous research has been done regarding the side effects of minoxidil 2% and 5% on its use in women. The reason why minoxidil 2% is highly recommended for use by women is in women, the negative side effects of using minoxidil are very susceptible to occur if the levels are too high, frequent side effects are discoloration of the hair, the occurrence of allergic dermatitis, and the growth of facial hair that results from spilling of minoxidil liquid into the face area during careless rinsing. And this can only be avoided by using minoxidil 2%. And in research that has been done, it has been proven that minoxidil 2% is an effective level for hair growth that has been done in women.

We recommend that in its use, you should consult a dermatologist again, to find out if there will be side effects, if the drug is applied to your skin. With the results of the examination done by the skin doctor, then it can be concluded whether you can / should use Minoxidil or not.

That's all from us, hopefully it's useful. Thank you

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