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Good morning, my left eye is minus 1.5 and my right eye is normal (0) nd the doctor advised me to wear glasses, but it made me feel dizzy. Should I wear glasses or fluids?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Minus eye, nearsightedness or also called myopia, is a condition that occurs when a person cannot clearly see distant objects at a certain distance. This occurs because the image of the object formed by the eye falls in front of the retina because the eye muscles can no longer bulge strong enough to place it directly on the retina.

This condition has not yet known the exact cause, but it is closely related to:

Heredity or genetics
The habit of seeing objects too close (<30 cm)
Too often forcing the eyes, for example by working in front of the monitor screen> 2 hours without stopping
Incorrect lighting when working, studying or using devices
Abnormalities in the structure of the visual pathway

Regarding your question, handling using soft lenses or glasses will be the same, the difference is only in glasses, the position of the lens is located further away than using a lens that is directly placed in front of the eye layer. In addition, contact lenses on the one hand make a person more flexible and more suitable for those who exercise, but on the other hand increase the risk of corneal damage.

If you use a certain minus on glasses and feel dizzy, chances are you will also feel dizzy when using the same minus on contact lenses. Our advice, you should try to have your eyes checked again when your eyes are not too tired or after work, such as in the morning or during the day to confirm how much the minuses are. Because the difference between your eyes is quite far apart and if this is not the case, using glasses with a higher lens strength than they should be will cause dizziness.

Then also check if you wear glasses, whether the supports are too hard on the side of your head, or if you feel too clear and bright with the strength of the current lenses. If so, then the lens strength should be lowered to avoid dizziness. If you still feel dizzy, then check with your eye doctor again for an evaluation of your condition. So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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