Minus Eye

Illustration of Minus Eye
Illustration: Minus Eye

Doc, I want to ask, lately my eyes often feel blurry and must be blinked if to see. Those are minus signs, right doc?

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Hello, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

First of all, you should first explain, are there other signs such as red eye, does your blurring occur suddenly or slowly, and does it occur temporarily or continuously?

Eye minus is one of the eye refractive disorders that occur due to eye deformity. Therefore, blurry that occurs due to minus the eye occurs continuously (not only temporary and will not disappear even when blinking), occurs slowly (often not realized that vision is blurred), and not accompanied by other symptoms such as red eyes, watery, pain, or eye discharge. Looking at your description, the possibility that you experience is not a minus eye.

Some possible causes of blurry eyes like you experience include:

 dry eyes see the screen (television, laptops, cellphones) for too long or so-called digital eye strain tired eyes for example due to reading in poorly lit places (too dark or too bright), using eyes too hard (for example reading, sewing / embroidering, work with small objects, etc.) the presence of foreign objects in the eye (flickering) side effects of certain drugs aura from TIA migraine or mild stroke etc. You can try to look for triggers for your blurry eyes, for example your eyes always feel blurry when you outside in the hot sun, or your eyes are blurred when you are reading a lot or working a lot in front of a computer or playing a cellphone, etc. When you already know your blurred eye triggers, you can try to avoid these triggers.

Here are a few things you can try to do:

 Don't read in places that are too dark or too bright. Use sunglasses if you work a lot in the outdoors in the scorching sun. Rest your eyes for a moment while you are reading a book or working on something on your computer or laptop, do not look too closely at the phone screen. long. Also dim the lighting on your screen when you look in a dark place If the eyes feel dry, drop eye medication containing artificial tears to help lubricate your eyes Sleep and get enough rest every day If your eyes are constantly blurry, do an examination with an ophthalmologist for evaluation furthermore when the corona virus pandemic is over.

So much information from me, hopefully it will answer

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