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Good afternoon, I want to ask about the use of glasses, what is the determination to calculate the minus level like? NWhat is the determination of eye minus, namely by adding up the minus of the right and left eye? For example, if I am suffering from minus 4 if you translate the right eye -2 and left eye -2 and add up to minus 4 is that so ?? nThank you

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Hi. Thank you for the question for HealthReplies.com.

Minus or nearsightedness or the medical term myopia is a condition in which vision of distant objects becomes blurry and near objects are usually normal. To be able to see clearly, the eye's components work to focus the light that enters the eye so that it falls right on the retina. In a minus eye, light falls in front of the retina, causing a blurry vision. The cause of eye minus is excessive curvature of the cornea and a longer than normal length of the eyeball. The factors that trigger these eye changes are not known with certainty and are thought to be influenced by genetics and the environment. The main symptom of nearsightedness is blurred vision, especially when looking at distant objects. Other accompanying symptoms such as headache, tired eyes, frequent rubbing of the eyes, frequent squinting, etc.

Handling of minus eyes can be done by using sunken monocular glasses, contact lenses, and lasik surgery. In general, the most recommended at this time is to use glasses. The use of contact lenses and lasik surgery is only indicated in certain circumstances. The concave lens has the property of pushing light backward so that light that had fallen in front of the retina will be pushed back by the concave lens so that it can fall right on the retina.

The size of the glasses is based on the diopters unit. Diopters describe the power of the lens to bend light. Concave lenses are defined as minus (-) diopters, for example -3D. Determination of the size of the glasses is done for each eye and is not combined, for example the right eye -2D and left eye -3D means the right eye is minus 2 and the left eye is minus 3. These measurements usually use tools in the form of refractometry or trial lenses. If you experience blurred vision, especially when looking far away, we recommend that you consult directly to a doctor. The doctor will perform several questions and examinations. Treatment will be given according to the cause. If it is confirmed that you have nearsightedness, the doctor will take measurements of the glasses that are right for your eyes.

What I can suggest is:

- Eat nutritious foods, especially those rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A does not cure eye minus but can keep existing eye functions in good condition.

- Get enough rest and don't overwork your eyes.

- If you use glasses, try to always wear glasses except when sleeping, bathing, and other situations that make it impossible to wear glasses.

So, hopefully this is useful.

dr. Setiawan Winarso

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