Miscarriage 5 Months Ago Without Curettage?

Illustration of Miscarriage 5 Months Ago Without Curettage?
Illustration: Miscarriage 5 Months Ago Without Curettage? Bing

I want to ask. about 5-6 months ago (around June 2017), I had a miscarriage in 2 months. then I don’t curettage. I have experienced pain in the lower abdomen u0026 heavy bleeding. but after that the network exits. lastly, I checked with Sp.Og who told me that there was very little tissue left u0026 I was given the drug gastrul u0026 metvil (if I’m not mistaken the name of the medicine). After that, I was menstruating as usual, there was no severe pain, only normal menstrual pain until now in January 2018. But there is a white, odorless vaginal discharge. According to the doctor, is my uterus healthy or there is an undetected disease in my uterus? . please explain thank you.

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Hello, thanks for your question.

Miscarriage is the spontaneous expulsion of the embryo from the womb before 20 weeks of gestation. The exact cause of miscarriage is unknown. However, some cases of miscarriage are thought to be related to chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus.

When a miscarriage occurs, the embryo that comes out can be complete (complete) or only partially (incomplete). In addition to the history (interview) and physical examination, the doctor will also perform an ultrasound examination to see directly whether the fetus comes out intact or there is still tissue remaining in the uterus.

If there is still tissue in the uterus, there are several options, namely:

Dilation and curettage procedures. Misoprostol administration. Wait for the rest of the network to come out on its own. The choice to be made is of course based on the results of the examination and the doctor's decision. From the events you describe, treatment with Gastrul was chosen, which is a drug that contains misoprostol. Misoprostol can stimulate uterine contractions so that the rest of the tissue is expected to come out by itself.

Vaginal discharge is a normal thing as part of the body's defense mechanism, namely maintaining vaginal hygiene. When vaginal discharge occurs, the cervix and glands in the vagina will secrete mucus which will carry bacteria and dead cells out of the vagina. Normal vaginal discharge is clear to white mucus, odorless, not itchy, does not cause vaginal pain and other symptoms such as fever or stomach cramps.

It seems that the numbness you are experiencing is still normal. However, to confirm the symptoms you are experiencing and see the remaining tissue in the uterus, it requires an immediate examination by a doctor. You can consult an obstetrician to get an examination, for example ultrasound to see the condition of the uterus and see if there is any remaining tissue or not.

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