Miscarriage And Vaginal Discharge?

Illustration of Miscarriage And Vaginal Discharge?
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I have vaginal discharge and itching often, and have had 5 miscarriages, checked at the gynecologist, myoma and cysts are not there, lab checks have been infected with a torch but have disappeared, now it’s 1 year not pregnant, some say first treat vaginal discharge with binotal and tiamicyn drugs let the vaginal discharge disappear first ,, how good do the doctors think?

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Hi Budiasih Luh,

Leucorrhoea is a condition experienced by many women. Some are normal vaginal discharge, some are caused by disease. In normal vaginal discharge, this condition is useful for cleaning and protecting the vagina from irritation and infection.

In vaginal discharge caused by disease, it can be caused by:

yeast infection
chlamydia infectious disease
cervical and uterine cancer
trichomoniasis infection
genital herpes
bacterial vaginosis

Handling of vaginal discharge should only be done firsthand directly and by carrying out other additional examinations such as screening for sexually transmitted diseases and pap smears. After that, this vaginal discharge can be treated according to the causes found. Follow the recommendations of the doctor who has examined you, and avoid using drugs without doctor's orders.

To treat your condition who is still not pregnant after a year, you should also consult with an obstetrician who specializes in fertilization. Please check the following link, for obstetricians in your area: Obstetrician.

Examination of vaginal discharge and pregnancy program should be together so as not to delay your time to get pregnant immediately.

Our suggestions and tips:

Always keep your sex organs clean
Eat healthy food, multiply fresh vegetables and fruit
You can wear daily sanitary napkins if you experience vaginal discharge which is quite bothersome
Get regular overall health checks
Avoid medication without doctor's recommendation, including alternative medicine

So, hope it helps

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