Miscarriage At 12 Weeks And Must Be Curetted?

Asalamualaikum Bun sorry I interfered. I want to tell first I miscarried at 12w because of BO and had to du curette. Tough curves 27/12/18 a week after the lgu and uterine control curers were clean Pda date 4/1/19 It’s been clean and for several days tangfal 16/1/19 came out blood spots like menstruating people and clean on 1/26/19 Now the 4/2/19 stepping out came out again the fact that why

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Curette or also called D&C procedure is a medical action performed for certain medical indications, such as ongoing uterine bleeding, the presence of tissue residual miscarriage, in BO or empty pregnancy, polyps, or for diagnostic purposes such as for biopsy examination.
In patients with BO, if at the beginning BO does not occur or BO can not come out spontaneously, then the curette action can be planned by the doctor so that the physiological process in the womb can take place normally again.
After the BO or curette treatment, the uterus will bleed for several days or weeks. Furthermore, the menstrual cycle goes back to normal and female fertility returns to normal.
Regarding complaints after curettage, it is advisable to have a consultation and direct examination by an obstetrician. With this examination, the doctor can ascertain whether there are complications in the patient after the curette.
In connection with your question, if you have already menstruated on January 16, 19, then are clean, then in general the physiological process of the reproductive organs has proceeded normally again in the form of your first menstrual cycle after BO. And this means that your fertile period is also running normally again.
Thus, if on 4 February 19 yesterday you experienced a complaint of spots, then this condition is likely to appear that occurs during fertility or one of the signs of pregnancy, especially if you have intercourse before the 4th of this husband and wife.
However, the possibility of this pregnancy still needs to be evaluated in the next menstrual cycle. If one menstrual cycle follows you are late for your period, then you can do a pregnancy test, and during the second menstrual cycle, you can consult your obstetrician. Thus, you can still prepare yourself even if you are pregnant, both with adequate rest and avoid physical fatigue.

And if the next cycle you menstruate, then the possibility of these spots can be related to your fertility because of the hormonal influence of womanhood.
Consult as early as possible, by consulting directly with your doctor, especially if the complaint is disturbing and repetitive, so hopefully the doctor can help find out the possible causes, both with a physical examination and examination of the appointment it does. Furthermore, the steps for handling and education will be given according to the indications.
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